Friday, March 30, 2012

Chewy Toffee Almond Bars

Ever since hitting on such great success with the mushroom soup recipe that I found on the package of Monterrey mushrooms, I find myself stalking packaging these days.  Today the people at Hershey’s enticed me with this recipe on the back of the Bits ‘O Brickle Toffee Bits bag and suddenly I had to make them. You’re probably wondering why a frantic woman like me would stop what she’s doing to make cookies.  Honestly, I don’t know.   Perhaps it’s some form of brain damage. What I do know is that these cookies are addicting!  I don’t know if it is the caramel deliciousness, the chewy texture, the nutty goodness, or the shortbread crust, but I think, given enough spare time (that, thankfully, I did not have), I could have polished off the pan of them all by myself. 

Gather your ingredients...

Here's the recipe, try them for yourself, and don't say I didn't warn you!

Irresistable, no?

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Shirley said...

Oh MY! They do look good! I just made plain chic chip cookies and ate 7 of them right away!! It's a sickness
: ))

Our Delightful Home said...

Yummy! The only thing I'm missing is the almonds :). I would love for you to link up at my Linky Party via:

Mrs. Delightful